below is a list of signature Cake flavour combinations we have created, however other flavour requests are always welcomed!

CHOCOLATE FUDGE SNICKERS: Alternating Layers of fudgey chocolate cake and creamy peanut butter filling, layered with nut praline and chocolate ganache.

LAVENDER LEMON BLUEBERRY: Moist Lavender butter cake full of juicy wild Alberta blueberries. Layered with tart house made lemon curd. Topped with lemon zest and fresh and dried blueberries.

PERSIAN LOVE CAKE: Cardamom spiced white chocolate mud cake layered with rose scented cheesecake filling and toasted pistachios. Topped with pistachios and rose petals.

SALTED CARAMEL POPCORN: Tried and truly delicious vanilla butter cake layered with house made sea salted caramel and vanilla bean meringue buttercream. Layered and topped with crunchy house made caramel popcorn.

COCONUT RASPBERRY PASION: Coconut butter cake layered with house made passion fruit curd, raspberry buttercream, and fresh crushed raspberries.

ELEVATED BLACK FORREST: Dark chocolate espresso mud cake layered with chocolate ganache, amarena cherries, and a salted kirsch scented buttercream.

LONDON FOG: Vanilla earl grey butter cake, layered with a blackberry buttercream and fresh blackberries

STRAWBERRY CHAMPAGNE: Butter cake lightly scented with champagne and strawberries. filling with fresh strawberries and elderflower buttercream.

PEACH PROSECCO BLOSSOM: Peach and orange zest scented butter cake layered with peach jam and an orange blossom scented buttercream.

**Any of the above signature flavours can be changed to fit your taste!

à la carte menu

cake: vanilla bean  / vanilla almond / champagne / caramel / coconut/ cardamom spice/ earl grey tea / funfetti / lemon / lavender blueberry/ carrot / banana / pumpkin spice/ chocolate / red velvet / orange / GF chocolate / VEGAN chocolate

swiss meringue buttercream: vanilla / chocolate / mocha / nutella / PB / strawberry / raspberry / passion fruit / lemon / honey / caramel / maple / cookies&cream / earl grey tea / coconut / elderflower / rose / orange blossom / cream cheese 


 Extra toppings:

Arrangement of fresh seasonal blooms from $25 

Trio of roses: $10.00

House made macaron (5) $12

Dark or white chocolate ganache drip $10

Gold foil $10

Caramel coated popcorn from $10  

Nut Praline from $10

Seasonal local fruit $10

Matching chocolate bark shards $10

The works: Corresponding mixture of above toppings (fresh flowers not included) $35

Painted buttercream effect from $20


Cupcakes are available in boxes of 24 minis or 12 large. Cupcakes are available in any of the “A la carte” flavourings listed above.

Box Pricing:

Box of 2-dozen minis: $45.00 (choice of one flavour per box)

Box of 1-dozen large: $55.00 (choice of one flavour per box)


Madeleines are available in boxes of 2-dozen. We have 2 flavour options available for you.

Vegan dark chocolate raspberry: Dark chocolate almond madeleine stuffed with raspberry, dipped in dark chocolate, and sprinkled with edible flowers.

Orange blossom: Orange scented vanilla madeleine, dipped in orange blossom syrup and white chocolate, sprinkled with edible flowers.
Boxes of 2-dozen for $39.00

French Macaron

French Macaron are available in boxes of 2-dozen, we have 3 flavour options for you. Each macaron is brushed with edible gold paint.

Flavours: Salted caramel (tan shell), Raspberry rose (blush shell), Vanilla (white shell).

Vegan Macaron coming soon!

Box of 2-dozen: $48.00

Other dessert options such as brownies, vegan squares, sugar cookies, and mini cakes coming soon!