Flavours & Prices for Signature Cakes 

Signature Cakes 

Signature cake prices below include cake toppings and finishings inspired by each flavour. These toppings could include fresh or freeze dried fruit, fresh or dried flowers flowers, candy, and edible gold or silver. If you would like to add anything specific to a signature flavour inspired cake please see our Process Page for "Add-On" prices.

6″ – $135 (serves 12 – 24)  
8″ – $175 (serves 20-40) 
10″ – $225 (serves 32-64)

Custom Cakes

Custom cakes are available in a multitude of sizes and heights. At Wild Rose Cakes, our single tier cakes are available in two different heights. The traditional looking height of 4"-5" tall for a single tier, or the more grande and modern "Wild Rose Cakes Height" of 9"-10" tall for a single tier. The "Tall" cakes come with a hidden cake board in the middle of the cake to make the cutting of the tall pieces much easier! Below is a list of sizes available in round tiered and single tier cakes.

6" short - 10 servings
6" tall - 20 servinga
8" short - 20 servings
8" tall - 40 servings
10" short - 30 servings
10" tall - 60 servings

Custom cakes start at $6 per serving (servings quoted above), with add-ons such as specialty piping, painted colours, or florals being extra. Please always feel free to get in touch with your ideas via email and we'd be happy to provide you with a quote for your creation!

From $55 per dozen (1 flavour per dozen and minimum order of 1 dozen)

From $65 per dozen (1 flavour per dozen and minimum order of 1 dozen) with fresh blooms or specialty piping

Mini Cupcakes From $55 per two dozen (1 flavour per two dozen and minimum order of two dozen.


 Flavours - below is a list of popular flavour combinations we have created, however other flavour requests are always welcomed!

  • Alternating Layers of fudgey chocolate cake and creamy peanut butter filling, studded with chunks of house made skor bits. Topped with chocolate ganache and more skor chunks.

  • Moist Lavender butter cake full of juicy blueberries. Layered with tart house made lemon curd. Topped with lemon zest and fresh and dried blueberries.
  • Cardamom spiced almond white chocolate cake layered with rose scented cheesecake filling and toasted pistachios. Topped with pistachios and rose petals.

  • Tried and truly delicious vanilla butter cake layered with house made sea salted caramel and vanilla bean meringue buttercream. Layered and topped with crunchy house made caramel popcorn.

  •  Coconut butter cake layered with coconut Bounty like filling, fresh crushed raspberries and finished with salted coconut buttercream. 

**Classic flavour combinations such as chocolate, vanilla, vanilla raspberry, and almond are always available! 

**As well, any of the above signature flavours can be changed to fit your taste!


Extra toppings:

Arrangement of fresh seasonal blooms from $15 

Edible fresh seasonal flowers from $15
House made macaron (5) $15

Dark or white chocolate ganache drip $10

Gold foil $10

Caramel coated popcorn from $10  
Nut Praline from $10

Seasonal local fruit $10

Matching chocolate bark shards $10

The works: Corresponding mixture of above toppings (fresh flowers not included) $35

Painted buttercream effect from $20


Gold mirror acrylic script toppers are available for special occasion cakes at a cost of $15. These toppers are available in the following sayings:

"Happy Birthday"



"Best Day Ever"