Welcome to Wild Rose Cakes.  We are thrilled you're interested in us for your next special event – please see below, the process to inquire for our services. 

Please peruse through our website gallery, social media platforms and other media photos.  If you are happy with our work please do get in touch via email at info@wildrosecakes.com with your event details, and any pictures of what you have in mind are very helpful! We can then discuss further with you a quote for your creation, flavour ideas, or any other questions you may have!


Custom Cakes booking more than 2 weeks in advance:

Please email at info@wildrosecakes.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible. There is only one of me doing all the baking and admin work so please be patient as it can take up to one week to get through all the emails sometimes. Once a date is requested you have 1 week to let us know if you would like to go ahead with the order, and a $100.00 deposit will be required to hold your date. Once all your information is received we will provide you with a quote.  When the quote is accepted, we will work on a design brief for your cake with a few options for the final design. The balance of your cake payment is due 4 weeks out from your event date.


Cakes and Cupcakes Serving 20 or less:

Please peruse our flavours and prices for signature cakes and cupcakes, once decided please contact us at info@wildrosecakes.com with your order details. once confirmed you will be emailed an invoice which can be paid by any major credit card or paypal. Invoice payment is due one week prior to delivery. 



Delivery within Edmonton, St.Albert, and Sherwood Park is currently free! Delivery is available on Thursday and Friday evenings, any time Saturdays, and Sunday afternoons. (special time arrangements for custom deliveries can be made), as Wild Rose Cakes doesn't yet have a retail store front pick-up is currently not available.

 Wild Rose Cakes is a small boutique studio that only takes on a small amount of orders to ensure we provide an impeccable, personable service for each customer.  This means we can book out in advance for specific times of the year.

We recommend getting in touch for weddings and special events at least 3 to 6 months prior to the date, but we will do our best to accommodate everyone.




 Each custom product is quoted on an individual basis as they are all uniquely designed for each client.

Signature cakes 

Signature cakes are available in any of our flavors, and are compiled of 4 layers of cake, 3 layers of filling, finished in swiss meringue buttercream and an assortment of edible toppings. Signature cakes are "pre-designed" cakes with the toppings reflecting the flavours of the cake itself, toppings include fresh fruit, edible dried flowers, dried fruit, gold, chocolate bark, house made sponge toffee or salted caramel etc.

6″ – $135 (serves 12 – 24)  
8″ – $175 (serves 20-40) 
10″ – $225 (serves 32-64)

*Signature cakes are extra tall (7"-8") and thus can be served as full party-sized pieces or half  tea-sized pieces, which is why serving quotes vary so greatly. 

Custom Cakes

Custom cakes start at roughly $6 per serving for a simple buttercream finished cake and can vary greatly in price from there depending on design. It's best to get in touch with photos or ideas for us to give you a quote!

Custom cakes are available in a multitude of sizes and heights. At Wild Rose Cakes, our single tier cakes are available in two different heights. The traditional looking height of 4"-5" tall for a single tier, or the more grande and modern "Wild Rose Cakes Height" of 9"-10" tall for a single tier. The "Tall" cakes come with a hidden cake board in the middle of the cake to make the cutting of the tall pieces much easier! Below is a list of sizes available in round tiered and single tier cakes.

6" short - 10 servings
6" tall - 20 servinga
8" short - 20 servings
8" tall - 40 servings
10" short - 30 servings
10" tall - 60 servings

Custom cakes start at $6 per serving (servings quoted above), with add-ons such as specialty piping, painted colours, or florals being extra. Please always feel free to get in touch with your ideas via email and we'd be happy to provide you with a quote for your creation!

 Cake Extras:

Extra toppings: Arrangement of fresh seasonal blooms from $15 
Edible fresh seasonal flowers from $15 (seasonal availability)
House made macaron (5) $15
Dark or white chocolate ganache drip $10
24k edible gold foil $10
Caramel coated popcorn from $10  
Nut Praline from $10
Seasonal local fruit $10
Chocolate bark $10
The works: Corresponding mixture of above toppings (fresh flowers not included) $25
Specialty "painted buttercream effect" from $20 per tier


From $55 per dozen (1 flavour per dozen and minimum order of 1 dozen)

From $65 per dozen (1 flavour per dozen and minimum order of 1 dozen) with fresh blooms or specialty piping

 Mini Cupcakes From $55 per two dozen (1 flavour per two dozen and minimum order of two dozen)


***Wedding cake pricing can vary greatly depending on intricacy and finishing from $6-$10 per serving. Buttercream finished cakes generally starts at $6 per serving.

 Cake tastings are reserved for wedding cakes serving over 50 guests.

They are available at a cost of $40. Cake tasting boxes are delivered on set days every couple of months, and include 5 mini cakes in our signature flavours, which may change from time to time. This tasting is merely to give you an example of our most popular flavours and a range of different type of fillings. If you would like a flavour not offered in this tasting I would recommend ordering a box of 12 cupcakes or a 6" cake.