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Orders for each week close Wednesday mornings at 10am. No exceptions. We may close orders earlier depending on availability.

Order process


For one-of-a-kind cakes

Creating your perfect cake

Please peruse through our website gallery, social media platforms and online shop. If you are happy with our work please do get in touch via the inquiry link below with your event details, and any pictures of what you have in mind are very helpful! We can then discuss further with you a quote for your creation, flavour ideas, or any other questions you may have!

Alternatively, we have an online shop platform for you to place any signature design or small treat orders.

Custom cake minimums are $250.00 for party cakes, or $500.00 for wedding cakes or delivery.

If your request requires custom attention please submit your inquiry form though the link below. Custom event orders require a minimum of 14 days notice, although more lead time is highly suggested. During our peak seasons (May-September), we are often booked several weeks/months in advance. We recommend reaching out as soon as you start to plan your event so we can check our availability for you. We are a small team and place an emphasis on quality over quantity to keep our creative work at a high level.

1. What size is needed?

To propose the correct size cake, we’ll need to know approximately how many guests will be attending your event.

4” serves 4, , 4” TALL serves 6. starts at $30.00

***4” Cakes will only be added on to an already placed order or as an additional tier or smash cake. Not sold alone.

5” serves 6-8; starts at $50.00+ 5” TALL serves 12; starts at $85.00

6” serves 10-12 ; starts at $65.00+ 6” TALL serves 18; starts at $110.00

8” serves 20 ; starts at $89.00+ 8” TALL serves 30; starts at $150.00

10” serves 30 ; starts at $135.00+ 10” TALL serves 45; starts at $230.00

12” serves 44 ; starts at $180.00+ 12” TALL serves 66; starts at $350.00

Tiered cakes start at $200.00

Final pricing will be determined by design & flavor

**TALL cakes are extra tall cakes, essentially 1.5 time the hieght of regular cakes. The tall cakes are a modern technique Wild Rose Cakes is proud to offer. Tall tiers provide a more modern aesthetic, while the traditional short tiers provide a more classic aesthetic.

2. Design

Please have a clear idea of the design you would like for your cake. We can always make suggestions for you too if you have an event theme, colour palette, and budget in mind. We have fairly strict designs and colour palettes we work within to keep the integrity of the Wild Rose Cakes brand in place. please feel free to reach out with any picture inspiration and we can suggest a design we can offer within our artistic wheel house.

3. Place your order

We have a full online shop for you to place an order if you are happy with any of the numerous signature design we have. Otherwise we will need confirmation via email from you to place a custom order, and we will in turn email you an online invoice to confirm your order.

4. Or schedule a consultation for further clarity

Consults can be schedule for a web chat with the head cake designer Kristianna. Consults can only be scheduled after sending in an inquiry form and we confirm we have availability for your order. Consults are reserved for wedding clients only.